Modern Warfare 3 Force Host Hack with God Mode

Want to really dominate Modern Warfare 3? GTEUK just released a new MW3 Hack to all our VIP members and this cheat is rightly called the Decimation tool for a reason! The new Modern Warfare 3 Force Host Hack with god Mode allows you to host every multiplayer round of MW3. Not only does it allow you to host, it also let’s you use god mode so you can never die, it allows you to teleport players to any location you like, you can even freeze players in one place. It also comes with no clip so you can fly through walls, under the maps and even teleport players and teams outside the map, talk about fun! Sign up now for VIP and download instantly!

Watch as we teleport everyone to one spot and kill them all!

Features of the new MW3 Cheat
– Force host – Allows you to always become the host
– Activate / Deactivate god mode and never die
– Teleport all players or teams to one spot
– Give ammo: Give ammo to any player
– Take Ammo: Take ammo from any player
– Player clipping: Fly through all walls, under the map and more
– Player Freeze: Freeze any player at anytime
– Swap Player team: Make a player move to another team at will
– Set Gravity: Have fun and make everyone float in any map

mw3 hack god mode