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    Thumbs up Modern Warfare 3 Cheats Hacks Aimbot by R4z8r

    NEW: MW3 Hack now features god mode, no clip, teleport, anti gravity, force host, player freeze and more!

    Modern Warfare 3 Cheats and Hacks. Our Call of Duty modern warfare 3 Hacks were the first released cheats and we had them out just a few hours after the game went on sale. The COD series is the most played games in the world with over 25 million games sold worldwide. Some people simply become bored of the games while others just want something new to do. Other players just can't seem to compete with some of the other players who have time to play 8 or more hours a day. We come in by allowing you to use 40 different new features from boxes around players allowing you to see them behind walls to a fully automatic aimbot that will kill the enemy in seconds. You can fully configure every feature to the way you like it and turn everything on or off inside the game. We also allow three save features so you can setup and save your favorite features. Go in the game and rage kill every enemy player or simply set the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hack up to look legit. Check out the video below and the score screen showing how we got 103 kills in one match without ever getting killed, that's how good our cheat is.

    NOTE: Keep checking the site, our coder has released the first ever Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hack!
    Videos, Images and More Below! This MW3 cheat works on all operating systems for PC.

    - Force host - you need to be host to use this tool
    - Activate / Deactivate god mode
    - Teleport all players or teams
    - Give ammo
    - Take Ammo
    - Player clipping
    - Player Freeze
    - Swap Player team
    - Spam Player names
    - Set GravitySettings
    - Set the fade of the radar
    - Set the fade of the stats
    - Four slots to save settings
    - Ability to move menu
    - Menu fully mouse controlled

    Attachment 1701
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cheats

    - Over 250,000 Online Members
    - Full Featured Modern Warfare 3 Cheats with 50+ Options
    - The Longest Running Undetected Cheat Site in the World
    -Join and Start Cheating in Game in Less than 10 Minutes
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    - Backed by Paypal and for Your Safety & Satisfaction

    Attachment 1701

    Cheat Features: This List Will Vary Depending on the Call of Duty Cheat Your Using.

    - Autobot
    - Autowall
    - AimThru
    - AimAt
    - AimKey
    - Visibility Check
    - BoneScan
    - Knifebot
    - AutoSwitch
    - Autoshoot
    - AutoWall
    - AutoZoom
    - AutoProne
    - Field Of View
    - Human Aim
    - Aim Speed
    - Ping Correction
    - Friendly Aim
    - Name
    - Distance
    - Pose
    - Skeleton
    - Smiley Face
    - Weapon
    - BoundingBox
    - Line
    - AimDirection
    - HeadDot
    - See Dropped Weapons
    - Helicopter
    - Planes
    - Explosives
    - Explosive warning
    - Enemy warning
    - 2D Radar
    - No Recoil
    - No Spread

    - ZoomHack
    - PlayerHud
    - Draw Stats
    - Chat Spam
    - Draw Fps
    - Draw Time
    - Draw Resolution
    - Crosshair

    - Set the fade of the radar
    - Set the fade of the stats
    - Four slots to save settings
    - Ability to move menu
    - Menu fully mouse controlled

    Reported as the First Modern Warfare 3 Hack by ABC News!

    sabcnews1.jpg smoabkill.jpg

    smodernwarfare3hacks.png smw3hack.jpg


    No other Call of Duty 8 Cheats have been undetected so long. Win every single round using our super fast COD 8 Cheats to unlock all your weapons and items fast. Our Call of Duty Cheats will let you win every round so join our community of 250,000 members now. Choose to rage or simply play legit it's up to you. Sign up now and get access to our Modern Warfare 3 Cheats Hacks Aimbot as well as every other cheat we offer free of charge. Get the best Modern Warfare 3 Cheats Now!

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